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Why the Fuss?
March 30, 2011
Posted by Mancow Muller at 5:05 AM - E-Mail this entry

Finding the reason why we do all this gets tougher every day. Pulled in all directions, giving a little bit to everyone trying to keep a bit for yourself so you can remember who you are . The whole time (in the world picture) the government is taking it all. They drain those who try and reward those who don't. Breaking your back just trying to provide and trying to be more today then you were yesterday, only to find frustration in people who go against all that's decent and get away with it. Try to be that way and you can't. It goes against everything you are and worked for. Now and again you sit and ponder where's the payoff?

Still I'm NOT wavering I'm staying in control . I'm able to hold my head up. My word still means something. Walking the tough road God has put in front of us leaves the weak not wanting to get up,and the strong ready to embrace the day.

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