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JD says Mancow isn't shocking, what's going on in the world is shocking
Brenda says Mancow says shocking things to get ratings
Alex Jones calls in
The internet will be controlled
Whole Foods' deli food is generic?
Divorce affects children
Basketballs will stop murder
Another end of the world prediction
Matthew has it all wrong
What does Noel want for Christmas
Teachers Strike
The Big Cheese on 9/11
Old Flame
Sam wants to be friends with children
Theresa on Akin's rape statement
Banning Guns
Should ex-military be allowed to own guns?
Is John exploiting his children?
Steve hears voices
Kevin influenced her to become a stripper
Is Chad cheating?
Fair Trial for KSM?
Sean on the Secret Service
Breitbart's new exclusive
People can change
Maureen's boyfriend troubles
Don't Eat Humans
Mancow stole his bong?
Female circumcision
Obama will be re-elected?
Matthew on Whitney Houston
Fat People
No Parking on the Dance Floor
Kristina grew up near the Exorcist house
Why don't the GOP candidates campaign on college campuses?
Herman Cain should get the GOP nomination
Scott backs the Wall St. protesters
Why Chris Christie shouldn't run
Are all men obsessed with breasts?
Do breast implants break up couples?
Gaddafi calls in
Discipline your children
Darth Vader has a good job
Bert and Ernie
Air Travel Etiquette
Earl on the End of the World
Mike's Immigration Analogy
Sandy on Education
Autumn drives with her child in the trunk
Mancow's Private Line
The influence of talk radio
Lying Politicians
Don't Ask Don't Tell
Brian on the mosque controversy
What do muslims discuss in private?
Mel Gibson
Stirring up the community
Cash for Oil
Illegal alien = a racial slur?
Tea Party Man Phones In
An illegal vs. Mancow
Men get raped too
Tara on immigration
Suicide over Obama
The Real Unemployment Rate
Why Obama wants all the money
Say it out loud!
Obama exploits chrildren
Time to sue Obama
Siding with Jihadists
Part man, part Cow
Breaking up is hard to do
Time to live off the govt.
Florida checks in
Small Businesses and Taxes
Tiger Woods Presser
A Wedding Story
School Teachers
I love my Toyota
More political talk
Janet Napolitano
Like a Virgin
Steve Forbes
Illegal Immigration
Libido Problems
Self-ation Army
Dangers of Facebook
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