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Joe Wantz wrote at 4:18 PM on Oct-28-2013:
Mancow, Where do you buy those great cowboy shirts?
Julie S. wrote at 10:05 AM on Aug-21-2013:
Mancow! Is there a studio audience for your TV show?
George C. wrote at 8:31 AM on Jul-31-2013:
The media always blows things way out of proportion... I'm surprised they didnt back the Boston bombers as heroes.
Rosie G. wrote at 8:58 AM on Jul-29-2013:
Hey Mancow, love watching you every day! Keep up the great work
Carlos S. wrote at 5:33 AM on Jul-26-2013:
Cow can you post videos of your morning show on the website so we can watch too?
Joe wrote at 8:54 AM on Jul-24-2013:
MANCOW! Love the new reality show. Your brother is crazy! He blows up cars more than he sells them.
Kyle R. wrote at 1:55 AM on Jul-21-2013:
COW. Somehow I think your car sale idea was scripted. The girls show up 4 hours late? No lights? that was set up wasnt it?
Joe Wantz wrote at 4:47 PM on Jul-16-2013:
Really proud of you and your success. You deserve it! Keep up the good work.
Joe Wantz wrote at 4:49 PM on Jul-10-2013:
God, Guns and Automobiles! Great show! You have a hit!!
Steve E. wrote at 8:33 AM on Jul-08-2013:
Great to hear big GOONEY again on the show!!! Love the goonster
Louis G. wrote at 10:27 AM on Jun-27-2013:
Mancow! Weird Al RULES! I always miss the show so i download a day late. but i heard the interview -- cool!
Danny T. wrote at 6:49 AM on Jun-26-2013:
Awesome to hear Weird Al again! He rules! Thanks for having him on Cow!!!
Kyle R. wrote at 8:36 AM on Jun-25-2013:
Mancow, your caller Brenda was ignorant. She has no idea what is shocking today.
Joe H. wrote at 3:58 AM on Jun-24-2013:
MANCOW! What happened to the Commander Sulu songs? I want more!
Hans wrote at 8:32 AM on Jun-20-2013:
Mancow, the NSA is holding everyone's emails and phone messages so that they can use them against us if we ever are accused of a crime. This is unconstitutional
John B. wrote at 10:17 AM on Jun-19-2013:
Mancow! Please post clips for your TV show on the website so we can all see!!!
Sharon wrote at 11:02 AM on Jun-18-2013:
Mancow, how come you didnt ask Joe Francis about his legal troubles and him smacking some woman around? Especially with his girlfriend on the phone?
George wrote at 8:07 AM on Jun-07-2013:
MANCOW! Love you love your show, maybe a bit much mike north these days.
Joe Wantz wrote at 5:01 PM on May-21-2013:
'Cow, you mentioned that some Fox affiliates carry you on TV on Saturday nights. How about listing those affiliates on your web-site? Or better yet, put your TV shows on your web-site!!
George wrote at 9:12 AM on May-21-2013:
Cow, so many of us can't see your TV show. Can you put segments of it on the website for us to download or watch?
Maya Y. wrote at 2:12 AM on May-15-2013:
I love you!
glen p. wrote at 1:59 PM on May-10-2013:
mancow love you love your show please come and do your show live in branson mo and pleas put your show on the web sight so we can all watch and we need pics
Steven wrote at 5:53 AM on May-08-2013:
Cow, you should get the TV show on your website so we can all watch!!!!
Kyle R. wrote at 7:22 AM on May-05-2013:
COW! Awesome comedians on the show! You rock!
John wrote at 8:52 AM on May-02-2013:
Mancow! Love watching you on TV! Its about time!
monica c. wrote at 1:23 PM on Jan-16-2013:
"if it can save just one child"...isnt Obama pro late term abortion? hmmm...
Alex V. wrote at 8:04 AM on Jan-04-2013:
What I want to know is when the first person dies because of the death panel how much of a personal injury lawsuit is the govt. willing to settle on? There will be lots of those.
Harold wrote at 7:44 AM on Jan-04-2013:
Guns don't kill people, insane people and gang bangers do. They should address the 500 murders in Chicago this past year. Maybe if those people had a gun to protect themselves they would still be alive.
monica c. wrote at 4:43 PM on Dec-19-2012:
if guns cause murder, mens' genitals cause rape. So if they are going to take away our guns, they need to take away mens' genitals too. it makes that much sense.
George wrote at 9:59 AM on Dec-10-2012:
Great to see you on TV in Chicago now Cow!
Sasha wrote at 7:11 AM on Dec-08-2012:
Awesome interview with Jesse the Body!
ERIC MARTIN wrote at 6:17 PM on Nov-30-2012:
Mancow, What's the name of the Boy's Choir AND the song that repeats "Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas..." over and over again accompanied by just a piano? You've played a snippet of it on your show many times. -Martin
Monica wrote at 7:36 AM on Oct-16-2012:
Mancow rules! What an awesome show! So many great guests today! Keep up the good work baby!
monica c. wrote at 6:28 AM on Sep-27-2012:
the solution to our healthcare crisis is low carb diets! obese people on medicare is killing our economy! LOW CARB! get Peter Attia on here! Its not the calorie count at school lunch-they are on the wrong track!
George wrote at 7:37 AM on Sep-05-2012:
I think many conservatives are libertarian but thats throwing your vote away. No libertarian will ever win an election for president.
John H. wrote at 12:39 PM on Aug-08-2012:
Mancow, thank you for telling it like it is. So many other talk radio hosts have an agenda, its nice to hear your honesty.
Joe C. wrote at 6:28 PM on Jul-23-2012:
Mancow, Awesome show. Without doubt, the best in talk radio. Hope one day you will air in Richmond, VA. Keep up the great work!
Julie wrote at 7:00 AM on May-16-2012:
I love you Mancow!
chris m. wrote at 7:48 PM on Mar-10-2012:
Looks like the religion of peace is at it again,stoning 14 kids to death for looking to much like "westerners" in Iraq.Keep spreading the truth Mancow. Chris
Joe Wantz wrote at 4:43 PM on Mar-06-2012:
Breitbart's death is shocking. Natural causes? Can't help but think of Vince Foster.
Jim G. wrote at 9:56 AM on Mar-06-2012:
Good to hear from Louie Anderson after all this time!
Donald G. wrote at 7:57 AM on Feb-27-2012:
Best Picture was so obvious this year. Didn't even bother watching the dumb Oscars
Matthew L. wrote at 4:54 PM on Feb-24-2012:
I love it when Tom Green is on the show. He is so randomly hysterical.
Joy V. wrote at 1:15 PM on Feb-16-2012:
Its clear that Ron Paul is never going to win anything maybe he should retire?
Michelle G. wrote at 8:16 AM on Feb-14-2012:
I love you Mancow
James I. wrote at 9:16 AM on Feb-09-2012:
I must say that the comedians on the show are hiliarous
John G. wrote at 8:57 AM on Jan-05-2012:
Happy New Year to the Mancow!
Jennifer G. wrote at 8:44 AM on Dec-21-2011:
Merry Christmas to the COW!
Matthew L. wrote at 6:31 PM on Nov-23-2011:
Once again, the Diceman was hilarious on your show.
Celia wrote at 10:07 AM on Nov-23-2011:
Happy Thanksigiving to the cow!
Joe K. wrote at 11:30 AM on Nov-07-2011:
Mancow rules! Love you love the show keep it up!
Jim G. wrote at 9:25 AM on Oct-27-2011:
We are to believe that Obama's jobs bill doesn't spend a dollar of our money as tax payers? How does he intend to pay for all of that by printing more money? Or taking loans from China?
Karl G. wrote at 10:16 AM on Oct-10-2011:
I can't believe all these protesters can't find a job. I work 3 jobs. They are just weak and wimpy.
Solomon wrote at 8:20 AM on Oct-04-2011:
Mancow, those stupid people protesting on Wall Street need to go get a job. If they have all this time to protest why not go to work and earn some money and stop complaining about what they don't have and go out and get it!!
William Slager wrote at 1:55 AM on Sep-08-2011:
play the anderson cooper laugh
with the jim jones ya they sound the same!
Mark L. wrote at 10:40 AM on Sep-07-2011:
Cow, can you have Ron Paul on the show again?
Freddie V. wrote at 11:14 AM on Aug-09-2011:
Now is the time to buy stock? Where is that guest you used to have that talked about the markets?
Jim G. wrote at 10:27 AM on Jul-11-2011:
Mancow, How do you feel about the congress not taking any pay until the debt is paid off?
Sheri B. wrote at 10:44 AM on Jul-01-2011:
Happy July 4th Mancow - Free Speech has to be protected! Keep speaking the truth!
Blake A. wrote at 2:40 PM on May-23-2011:
Mancow, long time listener and fan. Just joined the Mancow Miltia!! keep speaking the truth
Jason K. wrote at 11:09 AM on May-18-2011:
MANCOW! Haven't heard from the death psychic in awhile. Maybe we can ask her when the world will end! Keep rockin!
Matthew L. wrote at 11:36 AM on May-11-2011:
At first, I thought that the clip of the american with the face transplant talking was a joke.
William Slager wrote at 5:48 PM on May-02-2011:
WOW only one day of Roker, I'd do anything for him to be back.....anthing!
Jim G wrote at 2:14 PM on Apr-28-2011:
Mancow keep telling it like it is! You Rock!
Jason R. wrote at 10:28 AM on Apr-19-2011:
Great job on Chicago Code COW!!!
William Slager wrote at 12:07 PM on Apr-17-2011:
Al Roker my brother from another mother has triumphantly returned, life is great glad your back buddy!
Luis Castellanos wrote at 2:21 PM on Apr-14-2011:
today's show was 10x better since roker was back on!
Carmela Kappel wrote at 11:35 AM on Apr-14-2011:
Al is back! Yeah!!!
Ryne Saunders wrote at 4:57 AM on Apr-14-2011:
Cow! Happy to hear Roker again! You guys really bring the best out of each other. I missed that guy! Made my day, Al Roker,Jr., good to have you back!
George wrote at 10:38 AM on Apr-06-2011:
Mancow, you should bring on Wally Pleasant to your show since you like to play his music on the show :)
William Slager wrote at 1:48 AM on Apr-02-2011:
It was so good to hear cowboy ray the other i miss him!
William Slager wrote at 5:43 PM on Mar-27-2011:
I can always tell its sunday by your tweets, they get very spiritual, and thats a good thing! Bring that element into the show. love ya man keep up the good fight
Joe Wantz wrote at 5:39 AM on Mar-06-2011:
More insanity from the People's Republic of Maryland- they want to raise the gas tax by 10 cents. When will it end!
Ernesto B. wrote at 11:14 PM on Mar-01-2011:
If Invasion USA was released today, Chuck Norris would try to befriend the terrorists and understand their ways rather than simply trying to destroy them.
Robbie J. wrote at 12:48 PM on Feb-25-2011:
Charlie Sheen is a shoe in for victory in this year's Pinebox Derby.
Matthew L. wrote at 7:40 AM on Feb-23-2011:
Rumsfield denies knowledge of building seven. Absolutely shocking.
Ryne Saunders wrote at 6:26 PM on Feb-09-2011:
It's funny how you laugh at Alex Jones on your show. He's got mounds of evidence, and you've got what the media you constantly despise says. Love you Cow, but C'MON!
Matthew L. wrote at 9:47 PM on Feb-04-2011:
Well I just watched a video of Mancow on Huckabee. I am not a fan of Huckabee but Mancow killed it. Way to go. The cow is now!
Joe Wantz wrote at 2:29 PM on Feb-01-2011:
Loved your appearance on the Huckabee show. The studio audience really liked what you had to say!
Donald D. wrote at 10:28 AM on Dec-30-2010:
Happy New Year to the COW!
Josh G. wrote at 9:56 AM on Dec-21-2010:
Merry Xmas to the Cow!
David Pyle wrote at 8:06 AM on Dec-09-2010:
Remember when mancow said satellite was over. They have 20 million subs now. Move to sat mancow! Be on in every state and triple you audience!
Freddy R. wrote at 2:23 PM on Dec-01-2010:
Just renewed my 1 year subcription. Fast,easy, and affordible. Thanks Mancow, you pass the time while I'm at work, as well as inform & inspire me to do more and be a better person. Thank you God Bless.
christopher c. wrote at 5:12 AM on Nov-23-2010:
I just wanted to say thanks mancow for having your show on line I've been a long term listener and moved somewhere you are not on so thanks
Charlie B. wrote at 10:22 AM on Nov-04-2010:
Cow, I find it funny how somany people think you are a republican.. you get that a lot. Its too bad libertarians never win big elections. Rock on!
Bill Mercer wrote at 5:39 AM on Oct-26-2010:
Mancow! Just watched the tribute to our troops, I am supposed to be a bad ass, That video got me right in the heart. I"m a Vietnam vet, but that broke my heart. Happy Halloween! Hope your girls have fun!!!! I am a twin myself.
William Slager wrote at 2:00 AM on Oct-22-2010:
mancow would you adopt me as an illegitimate love child.... pleasssseeeeeee
Matthew L. wrote at 6:45 PM on Oct-18-2010:
Mancow, you should be a guest host on RAW, not that I actually watch that cr@p.
Peter wrote at 11:23 AM on Oct-12-2010: remain a world changer. If Al wanted to be part of your show, I know he'd be with you...I know how much he meant to you. We miss him very much. Al was my friend...

I gladly pay my $56 to be a part of your crew...3 years now.

May God continue to bless you Mancow, may God continue to bless all of us with true hearts.

Bob J. wrote at 10:46 AM on Oct-06-2010:
I love MANCOW... Platonically of course
Matthew L. wrote at 2:06 PM on Oct-01-2010:
It's not just NYC with this stupid street sign thing. This is happening everywhere. I heard about it happening in Topeka, Kansas a week or so ago.
chris m. wrote at 6:56 PM on Sep-28-2010:
Luv ya cow thanks for keepin it honest.Miss Al hope he comes back. Chris M
William Slager wrote at 5:01 PM on Sep-26-2010:
Come on! Bring back Al
Dan wrote at 10:41 AM on Sep-22-2010:
Still missing blackety black Al Roker. Still annoyed at Marissa's voice on older audio bits. Glad she's been gone but Al's gotta come back.
Stu wrote at 9:33 AM on Sep-21-2010:
Mancow is the best talk radio host ever!
Kyle Grigg wrote at 1:41 PM on Sep-17-2010:
Congrats on WABC show!
William Slager wrote at 5:46 PM on Sep-14-2010:
William Slager wrote at 11:31 AM on Sep-12-2010:
you need to talk about the future of the show, such as co hosts, continuing in chicago, and guests. also we love hearing about the family!
Shawn B. wrote at 12:34 PM on Sep-08-2010:
MANCOW the US Military burned BIBLES just over a year ago...where's the outrage and labels of "INTOLERANCE" for that?? Here's the story
Bill Mercer wrote at 6:39 AM on Sep-01-2010:
Mancow! I am a Vietnam Vet, and I'm listening to the green beret song, That was my song when it came out, thanks cow from a vet used got sh-t on when I came back! Thank you for loving our country!!!!!
William Slager wrote at 2:59 PM on Aug-31-2010:
How many people begging for Al to come back will it take to get him back?? Or at least acknowledge him not being there... we want MORE!!!!
Joe Wantz wrote at 4:29 PM on Aug-30-2010:
I don't seem to recall Rev. Al Sharpton, et al, commemorating Martin Luther King's March on Washington before 2010. Could it be that Sharpton's "Reclaiming the Dream" rally only came about after Glenn Beck announced his "Restoring Honor" rally? Why doesn't the mainstream media mention that Dr. King's niece spoke at the Restoring Honor rally?
David R. wrote at 4:25 PM on Aug-30-2010:
Mancow - We want AL!! Bring him back!
Jeffrey Cook wrote at 4:07 PM on Aug-30-2010:
Will Al be back?
Ann Sloniker wrote at 2:11 PM on Aug-30-2010:
Does anyone know what happened to Al?
mark bidwell wrote at 10:46 PM on Aug-27-2010:
love you love the show, as much as i miss Marissa and Big Al, i must admit that you are a great and informed American, keep preaching and i'll keep listening. i have tried to get my friends involved, but they don't want to listen, i think that they don't want to be my friends anymore because i actually like you ... "so be it", i say.
William Slager wrote at 6:15 PM on Aug-25-2010:
where is Al?? bring him back.
Carmela Kappel wrote at 1:05 PM on Aug-25-2010:
Mancow, where is Al?
William Slager wrote at 5:55 PM on Aug-18-2010:
my 3 month old baby laughed for the first time watching Antoine Dodson!
Julie K wrote at 10:13 AM on Aug-18-2010:
What happened to AL?
Vicki V. wrote at 9:54 PM on Aug-15-2010:
I wanted to thank you Mr. Mueller for being you, for your words. It's almost been a year since mom passed and it aint easy but it is what it is. God Bless you
Chris Longtine wrote at 9:07 PM on Aug-11-2010:
Get Antione Dodson on the show,better yet bring him in the studio to co host for a day
Sharon C. wrote at 10:35 AM on Aug-10-2010:
Fred T. wrote at 10:30 AM on Aug-02-2010:
MANCOW! You should go on FOX again, we miss you on there.
Gary Alexander wrote at 11:02 AM on Jul-28-2010:
Oh man, I'm hurtin'from laughing! The "live crab'story from Tuesday'show was side-splittin' funny! That's why I love ya and support ya Cow! Ya gotta get a TV show, it would be incredible!
Justin H. wrote at 5:26 AM on Jul-21-2010:
Mancow, Love you and Love your show! Been a fan since your 103.5 days! Best in radio!
Stuart wrote at 11:32 AM on Jul-12-2010:
Cow, Lindsay Lohan hired an expensive Chicago lawyer, was this your doing???
Charles wrote at 10:25 AM on Jul-05-2010:
How about phone scamming a liberal congressman?
Sean H. wrote at 12:30 PM on Jun-30-2010:
The left should be worried about the Tea Party movement... really worried.
Jennifer M. wrote at 12:11 PM on Jun-29-2010:
mancow - i thought you were going to be in vegas when shatner was -what happened?! We passed him in the hallway at planet hollywood - I was looking for you my hubby said william to him and he said hey -seemed miserable probably because you werent there! lol
Joe W wrote at 12:08 PM on Jun-20-2010:
Why isn't the US Navy involved in trying to stop this catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico? Who has more expertise in deep ocean, marine engineering than the US Navy? Is it the Administration's unwillingness to give a branch of the military credit for helping to solve this crisis? It has been over 60 days- this is madness!
Sean K. wrote at 10:49 AM on Jun-16-2010:
Mancow you are right! Obama's speech was so scripted and pointless. No inspiration at all. All he did was blame BP for everything. He claims he has been working on this problem all along... what a lie. He was working hard on the problem when he partied at the White House 5 times since its happened.
Jim M. wrote at 10:41 AM on Jun-14-2010:
Reality TV series: Spend a week with Mancow.
Jeff G. wrote at 10:57 AM on Jun-09-2010:
Mancow called it right, Obama doesnt care about YOU!
Bill Mercer wrote at 5:50 PM on Jun-06-2010:
Any chance of getting Marc Levin on the show? He on the ball, and has his finger on the pulse of the USA.
Joe G. wrote at 11:39 AM on Jun-01-2010:
It was nice to see Obama get rained on on memorial day, how fitting
William Reilly wrote at 8:17 AM on May-22-2010:
Cow - you keep talking about those low paid flight attendants... those gestapo enforcers with their phony smiles average $42K a year ... that doesn't include free flights etc..... want to talk about TSA screeners that average around $40K to molest your wife and kids?
Matthew L. wrote at 9:14 PM on May-21-2010:
Mancow, I love the Magnificent Seven music in the background. Very nice.
Jodi R. wrote at 10:27 AM on May-19-2010:
Since when is saying illegal alien a racial statement? This country is going to hell. Thanks for keeping it real Cow.
Joe Wantz wrote at 8:50 AM on May-09-2010:
So it turns out that the "lone wolf" Times Square Bomber was on the Dept. of Homeland Security travel lookout list from 1999 to 2008. He was removed from that list sometime after Barack Obama took office and was given U.S. citizenship in 2009. Faisal Shahzad was also posting on terror websites since 2006 and it has now been revealed that the Pakistani Taliban was behind the Times Square terrorist plot. And the terrorist almost got away because the "no fly' database had not been updated for 2 hours. Did the FBI think to use that piece of 20th century technology (the telephone) to call TSA and the airlines? Apparently not. I am usually not a believer in conspiracies, but how can all of this be random or just coincidence?
Luis Castellanos wrote at 10:57 AM on May-05-2010:
Hey Mancow, Cinco de Mayo isn't Mexican independence day, fyi, it's Sept 16.
Junior wrote at 11:46 AM on Apr-27-2010:
MANCOW! Defend at all costs Arizona's new immigration law!
Joe Wantz wrote at 10:44 AM on Apr-25-2010:
GM claims that it paid back the Government bailout loan "in full, with interest, years ahead of schedule." This is nothing but a fairy tale designed to allow Obama to claim that TARP was a success! The US and Canadian governments poured $60 billion into GM and GM paid back only $8.1 billion. The vast majority of the bailout money was either forgiven or converted into post-bankruptcy ownership stake. GM posted a $3.6 billion loss in the fourth quarter of 2009- so how could they repay $8.1 billion? The TARP loans were not repaid from money GM earned selling cars, as they and Obama would like you to believe. The fact of the matter is that GM used TARP money sitting in a Treasury Dept. escrow account to repay the loan. Wake up, people! Obama will say or do anything to be able to claim success, no matter how fraudulent or deceitful.
shawn l. wrote at 4:51 PM on Apr-14-2010:
Mancow, you should stop treating Alex Jones like a joke.He is one of are greatest patriots.
Joey B. wrote at 11:49 AM on Apr-13-2010:
MANCOW! The show gets better every day!
Christopher Danielsen wrote at 7:57 PM on Mar-30-2010:
Hey Mancow! I loved you as President Omar Hassan on this season of 24! Tell me the resemblance isn't uncanny! Especially at the beginning of the season when he was wearing the Mancow trademark glasses!
Michael wrote at 1:08 AM on Mar-24-2010:
Hey Mancow! Get Newt Gingrich on the show to talk about Obamacare! Michael F. Rochester, MN
Stan G. wrote at 10:58 AM on Mar-22-2010:
I agree with the caller earlier this morning. I think we should SUE Obama. A multiple million person class action suit as well as a criminal suit would not be defeated.
Joe Wantz wrote at 8:57 AM on Mar-21-2010:
I attended the Obamacare Code Red rally in Washington, DC on Saturday with 40,000 other patriotic Americans. The House was in session and they had to hear our shouts of "Kill the Bill!" Actor Jon Voigt spoke as did Michele Bachmann and other opponents of this assault on American freedoms. Obama's second cousin (who is a doctor)also spoke and opposes the health care bill. God help us if it passes.
Jim E. wrote at 11:24 AM on Mar-18-2010:
Mancow did you party with the rock stars after the hall of fame awards?
Joe Wantz wrote at 9:30 AM on Mar-13-2010:
Just received a letter from the US Census Bureau telling me I will be receiving a 2010 Census form in about a week. Why do I need a letter to tell me this? How many millions of dollars did this letter cost the taxpayers? At the bottom of the letter, it gives the Census web-site instructions in 5 other languages (Spanish, Russian, Chinese, etc.!! WHY??
Carmela Kappel wrote at 7:39 AM on Mar-12-2010:
I love Mancow!! Listen to him every day. Glad that Al is back too.
Shawn C. wrote at 10:41 AM on Mar-09-2010:
Harry R wrote at 10:59 AM on Mar-05-2010:
What happened to Mancow in Chicago?
Albert T wrote at 10:54 AM on Mar-04-2010:
I love Mancow! - Not in a gay way, I just love him in a manly way!
John V. wrote at 11:24 AM on Mar-01-2010:
Mancow is the best talk radio host ever!
Steve G. wrote at 10:39 AM on Feb-25-2010:
MANCOW!!!!!!!!! How about some NEW phonescams?
Freddy R. wrote at 11:39 PM on Feb-20-2010:
Very happy to know BIG Al Raoker Jr. is OK!
Diana Matson wrote at 6:51 AM on Feb-19-2010:
When my babysitter or gardener steal from me or provide shoddy service, I fire them. Why are we treating the gov. differently?
Gary Alexander wrote at 12:21 PM on Feb-16-2010:
AL!!! thank goodness you're ok-We LUV ya big guy! PLEASE take care of yourself!
Gary Alexander wrote at 12:20 PM on Feb-16-2010:
The "Olympic Theme song"...HILARIOUS!! PLEASE keep playing through the Olympics!!
greg a. wrote at 1:24 PM on Feb-15-2010:
greg a. wrote at 10:11 AM on Feb-12-2010:
Sandro Flores wrote at 3:40 PM on Feb-11-2010:
Hi, Mancow hopefully this won't offend you because of what WLS did to you. Now you should apply for unemployent, and see if the Obama administration counts you as a job lost. Sorry, bro this happened to you I enjoyed you in that time slot.
Gary Alexander wrote at 12:25 PM on Feb-11-2010:
THANK YOU SO MUCH for standing up and refusing to allow people to continuously bash and attack Christianity. You have won a listener and admirer for life!! It takes courage to stand up for what's right.
Jeff Helfand wrote at 2:08 PM on Feb-10-2010:
I can NOT believe that I was listing to WLS in Chicago this morning and by the afternoon Roe was saying that his new sidekick was taking your time slot at 9:00am. They could have let your contract expire and let you leave gracefully. WLS management sucks. Hang in there Mancow --
Bruce V. wrote at 12:14 PM on Feb-10-2010:
MANCOW! Can you get more bands to play in the Lava Lamp Love Lounge?
pAUL R. wrote at 10:52 AM on Feb-08-2010:
Thank you for sticking up for the middle class when very few are. Your voice provides a hope for the little man. Keep up the battle crew.
Robbie J. wrote at 11:18 PM on Feb-03-2010:
Michelle Obama has THE cutest new Bob! OMG! Failure? NOT! Did u see that Hairdo? TO...Die...For. AfghanIran- u can just take lunch at home. There is a new kid in town, and its name is, "Repentance" or "Change-a Weave". Either way, They are doing great.
Vicki V. wrote at 11:41 AM on Jan-31-2010:
Hey Mancow, awesome week last week!!!
Gary Alexander wrote at 1:04 PM on Jan-29-2010:
The jumpin' jack flash Toyota spoof is hilarious! Y'all have extremely talented folks! PLEASE play again!!
Louis V wrote at 12:32 PM on Jan-27-2010:
Mancow is the best! Come on people let him know!
John G. wrote at 11:26 AM on Jan-22-2010:
How did you ever come up with MANCOW?
Steve B. wrote at 4:14 PM on Jan-15-2010:
Robbie J. wrote at 1:10 PM on Jan-13-2010:
CNN reports that The Situation is desperate in Haiti. I KNEW he should have taken Snookie.
Judy S. wrote at 5:37 AM on Jan-13-2010:
Hi MANCOW. We miss and need you back in Green Bay! What happened? Keep speaking the truth in a possitive way!
greg a. wrote at 11:19 AM on Jan-08-2010:
Robert P. Ortiz wrote at 8:32 PM on Jan-06-2010:
what up cow!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peter wrote at 6:29 AM on Jan-05-2010:
The world is ready for a new airline... Muslim Air, serving the muslim people since 2010... Flying every Wednesday and long searches or scans...just get on board! Aw...never mind...too easy. Welcome back Mancow! Pete over in Pella, Iowa
Xavier B. wrote at 11:21 AM on Dec-29-2009:
Happy New Year to the Cow!
Jim K. wrote at 8:53 AM on Dec-23-2009:
Merry Xmas!
Dan V. wrote at 10:09 AM on Dec-18-2009:
Merry Christmas and Happy Near Year COW!
Robbie J. wrote at 12:15 PM on Dec-17-2009:
Hey Cw, that Rick Springfield clip was funny. I love him after seeing his performance on "Californication". Classic. I might even buy a raygun from Dr. Grordbort now!
Robbie J. wrote at 9:24 PM on Dec-09-2009:
Hey Mancow, I hear you LOVE "Jimmy John's" Sandwiches. On Leno 2nite, Drew Brees (New Orleans Saint's) said that was his FAVE. Pretty random. Also, did ya hear that the Chicago based Rock band "Hello Dave" is having a CD release party at "Joe's" In Chicago? (Friday)
Michael wrote at 7:53 PM on Dec-06-2009:
I thought the Mancow didn't do shout outs because it isn't urban radio!
Robbie J. wrote at 9:09 AM on Dec-05-2009:
Yo Cow! The Merriest of seasons is upon us! Mery Christmas to All, and to All- A Good Night!
Gary Alexander wrote at 11:57 AM on Dec-04-2009:
PLEASE reply the "Chelsea Clinton" wedding dress phone scam again..absolutely hilarious...
Gary Alexander wrote at 10:54 AM on Dec-04-2009:
Love the tweets Cow! hilarious!!!
Matthew L. wrote at 8:58 PM on Dec-03-2009:
Are you messing with me? The mystery movies over the last few weeks seem like they are read directly from my dvd collection. Love you, love the show.
Chris H. wrote at 10:06 AM on Nov-25-2009:
Thanks to Mancow and the whole staff for helping us promote New Lungs for Chuck. Great shows! Great people, the entire family apprieciates you and all that you do!
Dave Z wrote at 10:40 AM on Nov-23-2009:
Mancow is the best!
Jared PoVey wrote at 5:40 AM on Nov-19-2009:
Cow, where is Marissa? Your show was better with her. You are becoming too Republican--I'm not sure if I'm listening to Hannity or Mancow. Bring back the "madhouse!"
Peter wrote at 1:21 PM on Nov-18-2009:
Hey Mancow...after your story about your kids in the office...I made sure to tell my own 5-year-old how much I loved him. Thanks buddy for once again making a difference in my life, and my family's life. You're a world changer. With the Lord's help, I'm going to be more of a world changer too. Keep it up!
Suzie Q wrote at 11:32 AM on Nov-17-2009:
Mancow - Tell the government where to go! Love you!
John wrote at 4:09 AM on Nov-13-2009:
Pearlman rocks... what a great story.
Evan H. wrote at 12:13 PM on Nov-12-2009:
Hey Mancow, Acorn is suing the US for fundng cuts. Apprantley they're running out of money for hookers. How can we stop them from getting our tax dollars!??!
Kyle R wrote at 10:23 AM on Nov-12-2009:
Mancow - you should talk about the provision in the healthcare bill that says we go to jail if we dont buy into it!
sexymomma_1978 wrote at 8:01 AM on Nov-06-2009:
When are the amercian people going to wake up. First the world trade center, now a military base, the next thing is they are going to go after our childern and either bomb a school or go into a school with guns blazing. It is a terrorist attack read between the headlines. Mancow you're the only one that I listen for news now because I can't believe what the major networks say anymore. I have a sister in the miliatry and it scares me to death to think that the terrorist can inlist and be able to do what they did on the base at Ft. Hood. She is a lifer and it scares me to death to know that she or her miliatry base can be the next target. We as americans should just go Japan on their butts and get it over with.
Robbie J. wrote at 6:15 AM on Nov-03-2009:
Hey Mancow, I tried making the Deer-Garita recipe, but was dissapointed that it contains no "Deer". What gives?
Robbie J. wrote at 9:38 PM on Oct-29-2009:
Mancow, I am sick of the "Media's' term "Ultimate Sacrifice". Marines, Soldiers, Airmen,Sailors, ALL follow a calling. The rest of us are born, we live, we die. Very few serve. Thank You
Derrick wrote at 11:40 AM on Oct-29-2009:
Thanks to whoever posted the whole Hulk Hogan interview on the website i missed the whole thing today im happy its there for me to hear!!!!
Laurel wrote at 4:29 AM on Oct-27-2009:
You say where have all the real men gone? Well I know where there is one very manly man and he is sitting in Chicago doing a radio show! I love you Mancow! Laurel
Peter wrote at 7:57 AM on Oct-23-2009:
Mancow...I gladly, happily, proudly pay the $56 subscription fee to the Militia. Keep up the good fight!
Diana Matson wrote at 7:43 AM on Oct-23-2009:
LOCALISM for radio? How about the old fashioned way?; buy your own station or show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Barbara G. wrote at 6:42 AM on Oct-23-2009:
Good Morning, Mancow & Al ~ ... Miss Your Show soooooo Much on 103.9 Columbus, OH! Please push to get back on the air there! .. My Mornings are miserable without your show! Lots of people have been emailing them to express their dissappointment that you are not on the air here! ( We cannot get the Akron, OH station) ...Love Your show soooo Much! - God Bless & Keep You Safe - til we can be a family again on the raido! .. * Listening to you on the web, since I'm home now - but I sure do Miss You ALL out on the road while I'm working early AM! .. Thank You for caring about your listeners and eveeryone and for the Good Man You Are! - God Bless You, Your Staff, Your Family & Friends!
michael trinastich wrote at 5:27 AM on Oct-23-2009:
marissa was dumped, along with everyone else but al.
Xavier R. wrote at 8:19 AM on Oct-20-2009:
What ever happened to Marissa?
Kim L. wrote at 10:43 AM on Oct-19-2009:
Hi Mancow! Great show, great guests today!
Christie L. wrote at 8:38 AM on Oct-16-2009:
Charlie G. wrote at 8:38 AM on Oct-15-2009:
Why is the government trying to control investors? Bring the watchdog on wall street back to talk about this new legislation!
Robbie J. wrote at 7:04 AM on Oct-09-2009:
Obama gets the Nobel Peace Prize. Hands it off to Marmaduke Amajibberjab of Iran.
sexymomma_1978 wrote at 4:41 AM on Oct-09-2009:
I don't think that NASA should be messing with the moon like that due to that it's gravitational pull is what keeps us in orbit and when they start to messing with that all types of bad things start happening.
Drake G. wrote at 1:07 PM on Oct-08-2009:
Robbie J. wrote at 10:46 AM on Oct-07-2009:
I love that a previous post by "sexy momma", called on us not to put Roman Polanski up on a "peddle stool". CLASSIC!
Kyle R. wrote at 10:52 AM on Oct-06-2009:
Sure takes a long time to get mystery movies these days - even easy ones like meet the parents
sexymomma_1978 wrote at 7:50 AM on Oct-06-2009:
I love ya mancow. I am so glad that there is someone out there to speak up for the common man. I believe in mancow's law. Roman P. should be killed. Who knows how many girls he did this with. We only have one girl coming forward. If he did it once he did it more than once. If anyone touched my daughter I would go to prison. That person would not be breathing. No means No. And Jack Nicholson should be in just as much trouble as Roman P. because he gave him a place to do. I he is trash and we should not be standing up for these pediphiles. I am tired of all of this putting them up on a peddle stool. It's time we take are country and children back,
Robbie J. wrote at 7:15 AM on Oct-06-2009:
RE: Mancows twitter. The correct word is "bated", not "baited". But since Packers fans eat their leftover worms and minnows after a day in the boat, I suppose "baited breath" is quite accurate.
Vicky G. wrote at 1:12 PM on Sep-30-2009:
Love you Mancow! Keep up the great work.
Robbie J. wrote at 8:25 PM on Sep-29-2009:
Why is it that when a U.S. citizen even gets CLOSE to the borders of, say, Iran or North Korea, they are incarcerated? And when hordes of people invade the U.S. they get flu shots and drivers licenses?
Robbie J. wrote at 7:59 AM on Sep-29-2009:
Mancow, why do the Fench support the raping of children and the genocide of Dictators? Are their pants too tight? Please illuminate. I like their cheese and stuff, but can live without their indignation.
Kyle R. wrote at 10:01 AM on Sep-25-2009:
I never heard of the NEA thing til I heard it on MANCOW.
Jacob Dunaway wrote at 5:29 AM on Sep-24-2009:
Mancow, No offense, but the ACORN & NEA broke weeks ago on BECK. Give credit where credit is due.
John S. wrote at 11:41 AM on Sep-22-2009:
Mancow exposes the corrupt government that we all share. Keep doing it!
Robbie J. wrote at 11:14 AM on Sep-22-2009:
Obama just took a walking tour of the Atlanta flood damage. Every one else in his party got wet.
Robbie J. wrote at 12:09 PM on Sep-18-2009:
Hey Mr. Cow. I just saw your picture from the set of "Sons of Anarchy"! Pretty cool dude. i love that show, and look forward to seeing the world's premier Talk Show guy on the screen. Good Luck!
Karla F. wrote at 10:39 AM on Sep-17-2009:
I want to hear a tape of Mancow from when he was first on the radio!! Play one on the air pleaasssee!
Vince H. wrote at 10:54 AM on Sep-16-2009:
Joe Wantz wrote at 5:02 PM on Sep-14-2009:
I was in DC for the 9-12 March on Washington on Saturday and kept hoping and wishing that Mancow would appear. It was an incredible event. Speaker after speaker (including every African American speaker)said that it was not a Republican thing, it was not a Democrat thing; it was not a white thing or a black thing. It was about freedom, the Constitution and taking our country back from an oppressive government. Everyone was friendly, polite and respectful. It made me proud to be an American. Joe, Maryland
George L. wrote at 10:28 AM on Sep-14-2009:
Nobody cares about Kanye now. I never cared about him ever.
Robbie J. wrote at 10:09 PM on Sep-11-2009:
Diablo Cody on the 15th? Killer! She looks crazy hot with a new blonde do. Enjoy Cow, Enjoy!
Robbie J. wrote at 9:22 PM on Sep-11-2009:
FIVE different nachos? REALLY? I would love to see something like that.
Vicki V. wrote at 7:54 AM on Sep-11-2009:
Awesome Show!You Rock
Christopher Danielsen wrote at 9:15 PM on Sep-10-2009:
I've been listening to this show for a long time, I don't get it locally so I pay for the privilege to listen to the show a day late on my ipod and wouldn't have it any other way! I enjoy the 5 different kinds of nachos in the green room and love the way the show has evolved into the gem it is today. Keep up the great work and God Bless Mancow and crew!
Freddy P. wrote at 10:41 AM on Sep-10-2009:
Everyone: Tell Mancow how cool he is, give him a shoutout!
Robbie J. wrote at 6:20 PM on Sep-09-2009:
I am blinded by the deafening silence of noisy apathy. I have pledged to pick up Health Care for one unfortunate individual, and challenged the Academic "intellectuals" to match me, person to person. Guess what I heard in response? "Chirp, Chirp. Chirp, Chirp"
Robbie J. wrote at 6:36 PM on Sep-07-2009:
A Limerick: Ah, when common sense slipped through the cracks, We elected a joke, AND his flaks. And now he is done, With his time in the sun.'Cause the heat melted wings made of wax.
Jim G. wrote at 12:02 PM on Sep-07-2009:
The Club Satan PhoneScam is the best!
Kyle R. wrote at 10:47 AM on Sep-04-2009:
Mystery Movie today was actually easy i cant believe no one got it, it was "Glory" I should call next time ive been getting these right all week
Vicki V. wrote at 2:24 PM on Sep-03-2009:
Mancow Rules! Had an interesting experience recently, I bought a t-shirt at Margaritaille that says Reeferette on the front, In Vegas no one comment, back here in Tinley Park, IL I heard some choice words, kinda funny in an uptight way! Good day, VickiV
Lily H. wrote at 11:05 AM on Sep-03-2009:
Mancow is the BEST!
Robbie J. wrote at 6:21 PM on Sep-01-2009:
Just watched the "Seinfeld" rerun where Elaine's boss gets married and becomes "J. Peterson Rucinski". Total classic of the lost episodes.
Steve G. wrote at 10:49 AM on Sep-01-2009:
MANCOW! Love the show - You ROCK!
monica gritman wrote at 4:51 AM on Aug-31-2009:
thanks for having Lisa E Scott on! changed my life!!!
Andrew wrote at 5:53 AM on Aug-29-2009:
Mancow is so great. Ted Kennedy should have drowned. Iraqi war Vets for Mancow!
Vicki V. wrote at 9:57 AM on Aug-27-2009:
Sad news today, I volunteer for adopt a soldier and received an e-mail from my soldier that one of his men died and two were injured critically during the Afgan election. Kinda puts things in perspective. Pray for them.
Robbie J. wrote at 9:00 PM on Aug-26-2009:
Get to Know, Abdoulah Abdoulah Abdoulah: His 'Son' , Abdoulah Abdoulah Abdoulah Abdoulah Jr. is counting on you. The Elections are only 400 years away
Robbie J. wrote at 8:48 AM on Aug-26-2009:
I am watching the endless Sen. Kennedy death coverage. ZZZZZzzzzz
Vicki V. wrote at 3:20 PM on Aug-25-2009:
Love the show! Thanks for sticking up for the little guys.Have a 50+ business that won't survive all the changes in store from our "government", it has been in the family for decades VickiV
Robbie J. wrote at 11:04 AM on Aug-25-2009:
Mancow, check out the twitter "shitmydadsays" by Jason. Funny stuff from an old man!
Vicki V. wrote at 6:50 AM on Aug-25-2009:
Morning! Love the show, thank you for speaking for the little folks. At this point, I can't see my small business surviving this political climate which frustrates me. I sell candy (as in snickers, red fish, etc.) So again, thank you!
Isabel wrote at 4:41 AM on Aug-25-2009:
Cow, I'm CPD, I've been listening to you since I was in my mid-20's, and I'm now 30. You have helped me gain so much insight & you have changed my perspective on so many important things. I have sooo much appreciation for you! GOD BLESS!
Robbie J. wrote at 5:46 PM on Aug-21-2009:
Only a slob sits, cheers, or wears his STUPID hat during the playing of the National Anthem. Show some backbone.
dan f. wrote at 4:31 PM on Aug-20-2009:
We have only ourselves to blame for allowing others to control our lives and stifle freedom. Change is a necessity, done in a democratic environment out of the grasp of political pimps and corporate interest.
Jim G. wrote at 10:51 AM on Aug-20-2009:
Cow, Thanks for fighting for the little people
Vinny G. wrote at 11:06 AM on Aug-18-2009:
Don't forget to bring your GUN to the next Town Hall Meeting!
Robbie J. wrote at 6:36 AM on Aug-18-2009:
Don't let it bring you down, it's only castles burning. Find some one who's yearning, and you will come around.
Robbie J. wrote at 7:02 AM on Aug-16-2009:
SCOOP: Dennis Farina to star in "Kitty and Pooch"!, a new crime drama. Details to come!
Robbie J. wrote at 11:08 AM on Aug-14-2009:
Mike Vick, future Eagle, sportsman, orator. "You only get one shot at a second chance." Inspired? You should be!
Kyle R wrote at 10:50 AM on Aug-14-2009:
Those who block Mancow at their business will have you on govt. run healthcare in a few months, be ready. Mancow, keep fighting the good fight to stop this!
Chris S. wrote at 3:56 PM on Aug-13-2009:
I have forgiven my boss for blocking She only knows how to manipulate people, and punish people who disagree with her. I wish her to be a better person, as I wish that for myself also. By day & by night, I will be prosperous in all my interests.
Robbie J. wrote at 1:17 PM on Aug-13-2009:
Movie Trainwreck: "Gas Pump Girls", find it at Hulu. It...Sucks..SOO bad that i can't tear myself away. The gratuitous 70's partial nudity is a RIOT.
Jeffrey Cook wrote at 1:15 PM on Aug-13-2009:
Obama has people impersonating doctors at the meetings now...
Chris R. wrote at 11:04 AM on Aug-13-2009:
Cow - What is your fav. comic book of all time?
Steve G. wrote at 11:20 AM on Aug-12-2009:
Mancow you should check out the Movie FELON with Stephen Dorff - its about a guy put in prison for defending his home against a burgler. He uses deadly force and is convicted of man slaughter.
Kyle R. wrote at 10:52 AM on Aug-12-2009:
We should march on Washington with a million people against Obamacare!
Chris S. wrote at 7:38 PM on Aug-11-2009:
My boss just blocked @ work, but I'm still downloading it @ home and loading into my mp3 player. Sucks I have to be whole day behind tho! Just another case of the man trying to keep me down! They can slow me down, but they can't stop me! Keep fighting the good fight Mancow!
Bernard Anderson wrote at 2:18 PM on Aug-11-2009:
Mancow, I totally agree with you on the remarkably different sexuality in music from the black "urban" community vs. "stuff white people like." Sorry, Sweet Caroline! Gotta get that Boom Boom Pow...
michael trinastich wrote at 6:11 AM on Aug-10-2009:
dude, your phone is ringing.
Robbie J. wrote at 11:31 AM on Aug-09-2009:
Cowboy butts drive me nuts.
Jim G wrote at 12:08 PM on Aug-06-2009:
That Voyeurism segment was hilarious!
Phil Way wrote at 9:14 PM on Aug-05-2009:
Mancow, Thanks for stopping on the street today to talk for a minute. I was not going to bother you but I am glad my wife did. Hope to speak with you again soon. Educate before you vaccinate. PJ
Kyle R wrote at 10:58 AM on Aug-05-2009:
Mancow - you are dead right, we are not living in a free society. If you speak out against Obama or any one of his cronies you get the shaft! I say we strike back for freedom!
Robbie J. wrote at 3:53 PM on Aug-04-2009:
it seems like folks in and about my hollow are getting more job prospects, offers, and JOBS. Chime in if y'all see the light at the end of the tunnel. I wish Obama would "re distribute" my work ethic, instead of my savings.
Robbie J. wrote at 7:57 AM on Aug-01-2009:
No sleep till Brooklyn.
Matthew L. wrote at 5:31 PM on Jul-30-2009:
I was pleasantly surprised to hear a Phunk Junkeez song on 7/29.
Robbie J. wrote at 8:06 PM on Jul-29-2009:
What exactly is a Rude, Crude, Chewed Food, dude? I mean,Really?
Robbie J. wrote at 6:46 AM on Jul-29-2009:
now that Chris Downing has expressed his ManLove for me, I am ditching my purity ring.
William Reilly wrote at 6:16 PM on Jul-28-2009:
Senate Judiciary Committee approved Judge Sodamayzor .. God help the Constitution if she gets on the Supreme Court!
Ryan F. wrote at 10:09 AM on Jul-28-2009:
MANCOW! Love you, love the show!!!!!
Steph wrote at 5:10 AM on Jul-28-2009:
Hi Mancow - Listen to you every day i love the show
Kool B wrote at 12:11 PM on Jul-27-2009:
San Diego is the bomb... you should visit more often
Robbie J. wrote at 8:04 AM on Jul-26-2009:
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Not very much at all because the unions have a lock on that.
Marvin R. wrote at 10:55 AM on Jul-24-2009:
Mancow is a talk radio god!
John Anderson wrote at 11:39 AM on Jul-23-2009:
Is Marissa Sanchez el Latina Heat still even on the show anymore??
Marcy G. wrote at 10:46 AM on Jul-23-2009:
Mancow is the best!
Kyle R. wrote at 4:49 AM on Jul-23-2009:
Mancow, save us from this healthcare nightmare
Kirk A. wrote at 7:26 PM on Jul-22-2009:
Where's Big Goonie?!
Robbie J. wrote at 1:34 PM on Jul-22-2009:
separated at birth: Patti Blagojovitch/Gilbert Godfried AND Susan Boyle/Julia Child
Al R. wrote at 10:25 AM on Jul-21-2009:
You are my hero!
Matthew L. wrote at 4:54 PM on Jul-20-2009:
Yo Cow, love your show. You were good on Late Night. Just keep up doing what you do. Any chance of writting another book?
Sean B. wrote at 11:47 AM on Jul-20-2009:
Thanks for interviewing all the great rock stars on your show.
James V. wrote at 8:51 AM on Jul-20-2009:
Mancow - love you love your show, dont let the govt ban you!!!
Sean B. wrote at 8:40 AM on Jul-20-2009:
Mancow, i cant believe people thought your water boarding was fake. Shame on them. love you and the show
Denise H. wrote at 8:02 AM on Jul-20-2009:
Thanks for explaining the health care reform in lay mans terms so that everyone knows not to go along with it!!!
Kyle R. wrote at 7:44 AM on Jul-20-2009:
Mancow! Love you and love your show - Why is the federal govt banning your show for people who work in their offices? Sounds like free speech is dead.
Vanessa R. wrote at 3:27 AM on Jul-20-2009:
I love you Mancow
Steve O. wrote at 2:49 AM on Jul-20-2009:
Mancow how can we get clips of all the old Chris Farley stuff you did on the air years ago?
Jim wrote at 2:00 AM on Jul-20-2009:
Hey Mancow love you and love the show. what ever happened with the woman who wanted you to take her baby off her hands?
Kyle R. wrote at 9:05 PM on Jul-19-2009:
Saw you on Jimmy Fallon, nice job.
Brittney U. wrote at 3:58 PM on Jul-19-2009:
You guys do a great job every morning, we love you!
Dennis D. wrote at 9:47 AM on Jul-18-2009:
Hey Mancow, you got a great website, i love the audio clips; the phone scans especially
Jorge V. wrote at 4:03 AM on Jul-18-2009:
Love you Love the show You really make me think Mancow its a great way to start the day
Cynthia wrote at 2:49 PM on Jul-17-2009:
Hi Mancow - I love you and the show thanks for doing it every day
Christine P. wrote at 5:55 AM on Jul-17-2009:
Hi Mancow how come you guys dont do any more in studio video taping? Those videos were cool
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