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Friday, December 14, 2007
Dr. John Tantillo:
Dr. John Tantillo
Wants to make SANTA "skinny" because he promotes OBESITY
Father Jonathan:
Father Jonathan
Fox News
Lainie Speiser:
Lainie Speiser
Pete the Movie Manatee:
Pete the Movie Manatee
Weekend Movie Reviews
Francine Lucas-Sinclair:
Francine Lucas-Sinclair
The daughter of Frank Lucas
Big Head Todd & The Monsters:
Big Head Todd & The Monsters
In Studio
Michael Fineman:
Michael Fineman
Biggest PR Blunders of 2007
Trayce Hansen, PhD:
Trayce Hansen, PhD
Should rapists be castrated?
Harald Belker:
Harald Belker
Car Designer
Tom Wilson:
Tom Wilson
Film Critic

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