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Mancow debuts 'Warrior's Hymn', a heartfelt tribute by Yes's Jon Anderson and Shawn Clement and sung by Cheap Trick's Robin Zander.
Paul Stanley calls in
Alex Jones on Syria
Jeff Gwynn on Charles Manson
Michael Douglas and HPV
Alex Jones calls in
Morgan Freeman's thoughts
George the Animal Steele calls in.
Dr. John Sharp on the Boston bombing
Mancow talks celebrity gossip with Cate Meighan
Interview with actor Darwin Shaw
Interview with Citizen X
Interview with Jay and Silent Bob
Interview with Nathaniel and Cleopatra Cowley
Interview with Dr. Karen Lewis
Interview with Camilla Cleese
Interview with Charlie Trotter
Interview with Jesse Baltes
Alex Jones on death panels
Interview with Steven Adler
Interview with Joy Behar
Mancow's dresscode
Interview with Simon Townshend
Interview with Damien Echols
Interview with Dennis Hof
Dann Gire, Movie Critic
Ron Eckerman on the Skynyrd plane crash
Pauly Shore calls in
Interview with Dick Morris
Interview with Dr. Simeon Hyde
Interview with Dr. Jeremiah Joseph
Interview with Ann Coulter
Interview with Suzanne Somers
The true Andrew Dice Clay
Interview with Julie Adams from the Creature from the Black Lagoon
The Remote Healer
Interview with Kevin Nealon
Jeff Cass on the Aurora, CO shooting
Interview with Guy Fieri
Interview with Cesar Millan
Corbin Bernson
Wayne Brady vs. Bill Mahar
A Message to Bullies
Mancow talks with Bob Sagat
Mancow talks with Dee Snider
Mancow Interviews Dr. Jean Logan
Mancow talks with Rachel Dratch from SNL
Mancow talks with Dayana Mendoza
Mancow talks with Peter Farrelly about the new 3 Stooges movie
Mancow talks with Dr. Michael Roizen
Mancow talks with Arlen Specter
Mancow talks with Louie Anderson
Mancow talks with Don Fulsom
Mancow talks with Brian Posehn
Mancow talks with Mike Huckabee
Mancow talks with Melissa and Joan Rivers
Mancow talks with Shorty Rossi the Pit Boss
Joe Rogan makes a compelling case that the moon landing was faked.
Interview with George Takei
Interview with Cesar Millan
Mancow interviews actor Anil Kapoor
Santa's Accident
Arthur Rankin, the creator of the legendary Christmas specials: Rudolph the Red Nosed-Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman and others you watch at Christmas
David X Talks to Mancow About the Anunaki, and the Shapeshifters Among Us.
Darrel Sheets from A&E TV's "Storage Wars" on the Mancow Experience.
Robert Davi Sings Sinatra on the Mancow Radio Experience.
Musician Ray Manzarek From "The Doors" on the Mancow Radio Experience.
Mancow Interviews Vietnam Reporter Joe Galloway About Vietnam in HD on the History Channel.
Actor Jason O'Mara from "Terra Nova" on the Mancow Radio Experience.
Tareq Salahi from Real Housewives of D.C. Talks About His Wife Michaele's Betrayal on the Mancow Experience.
John Noble from FOX's "Fringe" Series on the Mancow Radio Experience.
Comedian Donnell Rawlings Co-Hosts The Mancow Experience.
"Breaking My Silence - Confessions of a Rat Pack Party Girl" Author Jane McCormick Talks To Mancow About Being A Sex Trade Survivor.
Legendary Black Sabbath Guitarist Tony Iommi Talks About His New Book "Iron Man" on the Mancow Experience.
Mancow Relives His Johnstown Haunted House Experience.
Mancow Hosts Academy Award Winner William Peter Blatty, the Writer of "The Exorcist".
Freelance Journalist Matt Baglio Talks About His Book on Modern Day Exorcisms "The Rite" on the Mancow Radio Experience.
Mancow Interviews Kevin Sorbo About His Book "True Strength".
Kelsey Grammer Talks About His New STARZ Series "Boss" on the Mancow Experience.
The Original Freddy Kreuger, Robert Englund Talks About His New Movie "Incubus" on the Mancow Experience.
Actor Logan Lerman from The Three Musketeers on the Mancow Experience.
Model and Actress Carrie Otis Talks About the Modeling Industry and Mickey Rourke on the Mancow Experience.
Author / Historian Scott Poole Talks About His Book "Monsters in America" on the Mancow Experience.
The Actor Who Played Jason Voorhis from Friday the 13th, Kane Hodder Talks About His Book "Unmasked" on the Mancow Experience.
Mancow Dedicates Today's Show to the Late Indy Car Racer Dan Wheldon.
Horror Master Wes Craven on the Mancow Experience.
Velvet Revolver and Guns N' Roses Basist Duff McKagan Talks About His Book "It's So Easy" on the Mancow Experience.
"Super Size Me" Star Morgan Spulock Talks to Mancow About How America is Getting Fat.
Wes Ramsey from NBC's "The Playboy Club" on the Mancow Experience.
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