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General RSS/Podcast Feed Reader Help
To subscribe to the podcasts of the radio show, open your RSS/Podcast reader, and then select to add a channel (depending on your RSS/Podcast reader, it may also say "add URL" or "add podcast"). Then, simply input the URL (see details below) to subscribe to the show.
iTunes Specific Podcast Help
To add the podcast subscription to your iTunes player, click the "Advanced" menu at the top, and then click the "Subscribe to Podcast" option. Then input the URL of the podcast (see details below) into the field provided, and click "OK". The podcast should now appear under the "podcasts" section of your iTunes playlists menu to the left.
URL Information
The free podcast of the show contains ONLY the first ten minutes of the show. The full show is only available as a podcast to premium members. To access the free podcast, input the following URL into your iTunes or other RSS/Podcast reader:

If you are a premium member, you have access to a podcast containing the entire radio show. If you are currently signed into you Online Militia account, you will see a Podcast URL UNIQUE to your account above. Simply input the URL into your iTunes or other RSS/Podcast feed reader to podcast the show.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are having trouble accessing the podcast from iTunes or another RSS/Podcast reader, you must first log into the site from the computer which is trying to access the podcast. Afterwards, your podcast should again be accessible. This is due to the authentication used within our premium member only podcasts.

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